About Me

Peter Morning grew up in the small community of Mammoth Lakes, CA surrounded by the Eastern Sierra Mountains. The son of a ski coach father and photographer mother, Peter inherited a love of both his parents’ passions. Peter started ski racing as a young child, and shortly thereafter he started to show an interest in photography. He started begging his mother to let him borrow her camera to photograph local sporting events and fortunately, she agreed. Peter went on to study photography in school, and then he mentored with some of the top photographers in the Mammoth area. Within a short time he started to cultivate a style that was uniquely his own. It wasn’t long before Peter was offered a position as a photographer for Mammoth Mountain thus paving the way to his photographing national and international events. Peter has developed an impressive client list including some of the world’s top athletes. His photos can be found across the Internet and on the pages of major sports magazines.

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